Accelerated Lean Launchpad

Test. Fail. Learn. Repeat

Accelerated Lean Launchpad Program (a.LLP)

What is the a.LLP? And why apply?
Before building any venture, there must be attention paid to the question "Is this idea validated?". Very often a product is created before really digging into the concepts of validation and customer discovery, and they come to find out that while it may be a good product/service, there really isn't a customer base or necessity for the product/service. The a.LLP program will help you hit pause and reevaluate what you've started.

The a.LLP is a 2 session program over a month and is primarily focused on helping you learn the fundamentals of building a startup, from scratch! And you learn this not through lessons or theory. You learn this by doing. Essentially, the program helps you understand whether your product/service really does solve the problem you identified in the market. This helps you save a lot of time and money, by not investing a lot of resources on the wrong idea and helps you identify who the right customers are. The sessions are facilitated by instructors from entrepreneurship@UBC and AMS Entrepreneurship Hub.

We are here for you, but in no way are we going to hold your hand. We will be there to ask the hard questions so that you can get back out there and find the answers yourself with the tools and concepts that we teach. The program is designed to push you beyond your comfort zone, learn fast, work with the least amount of resources, learn how to learn from failure, be confident about making decisions, introspect and constantly ask yourself why, and most importantly, Get Shit Done!

What does the commitment look like?
The a.LLP program requires a high level of commitment. In our application process we look for extremely committed, reliable students who are hungry for an intensive challenge and are looking to advance their entrepreneurial idea.

Each in-person session is about 2 hours long. Since the program requires you to go out and talk to your prospective customers, over the span of two weeks you can expect the time commitment to be anywhere between 5 to 7 hours a week. 

a.LLP Dates: Location TBD

First Session-July 3rd, 5pm
Second Session-July 23rd, 5pm

How is this program different from e@UBC's Lean LaunchPad Program?
The Lean LaunchPad program is designed to be for ventures that are past the ideation stage and are working on validating their business model. The a.LLP is a low-barrier program that allows anyone, even at the conceptual or ideation stage to get started. It's an opportunity to test whether your idea is feasible or not as fast as possible.

What are the pre-requisites to apply?

  • You need an idea to start with
  • At the least, you need at least one other person on your team.
  • Availability to attend all sessions (Mandatory)
  • You have the passion to learn and most importantly, get shit done!
  • Deadline to apply: June 28th, 11:59pm
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