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RBC Get Seeded

What is the RBC Get Seeded Program? 
RBC Get Seeded is a seed fund program to help you get started with your entrepreneurial idea. It could be to help you build an initial prototype (either hardware or software) or to help you pay for the marketing/legal fees - whatever it is, we got you covered! 

How much is the seed fund?  
Teams can apply up to $500 in funding. You can use the money to create a prototype, enter other seeding events/hackathons, go to a conference to meet experts in your venture's industry, and anything to help you jump-start the process.

What qualifies as an "entrepreneurial idea"? 
An entrepreneurial idea is any solution that solves a compelling problem. It doesn't necessarily have to be a startup/venture. It could be a cool initiative you want to pilot - but want the funds to get started.

What does the process for acquiring the Seed Fund look like?

  • Apply now! Deadline to Apply is October 18th, 11:59PM
  • If accepted, there will be an information session on October 22nd
  • Pitch workshops will be held on October 29th and November 1st
  • Pitch night will be Monday, November 5th @ Gallery 2.0
  • On November 5th, the top 15 picks will be doing their 90 second pitch at the Gallery
  • The crowd will pick the top 10, and the top 10 gets seeded
  • RBC Get Seeded Hack 1: Get as many friends as you can to the event to support you. More friends you get, the better chance of you placing at the top 10
  • Important note: In order to qualify to pitch, you have to be a UBC student (undergraduate or graduate) i.e if you have a student number and pay AMS Student Fees, you qualify to apply!

Not pitching? Here's why you should come to the event

  • Support your fellow UBC entrepreneurs that are stepping outside of their comfort zone to make a difference!
  • Meet like-minded people (entrepreneurs and industry professionals) just like yourself
  • Find a co-founder or teammate for an idea that you've been working on
  • Find cool projects work on!
  • Build meaningful relationships, meet cool people and have a great time!

Where do you go after the event? 
RBC Startup 101 Post Event Workshop: Open to participants and attendees alike, the Startup 101 workshop is designed to provide insights on how to take the first steps in starting your own business. The schedule of events and speakers will be posted soon! 
Dates: November 13th & 14th

Applications Closed

Hey, I'm Will.

I'm a fourth year International Economics major with a background in user experience design, product management, and launching startups.

I love building things and designing cool products, like a bot that helps teams plan lunches, a card game that teaches kids the basic logic of programming, or a social enterprise that helps high school students launch new apps. I've also had the chance to work on some larger products as a UX Designer at Microsoft and a Business Analyst at Tumblr.

So grab a whiteboard, and let's chat about launching your startup.

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