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Peer Mentors

Why Peer Mentors? 
Going through the process of building a venture can be quite challenging. It's a phase where you may experience uncertainty, anxiety and self doubt. Peer Mentors are there to help you out. It's important to note that Peer Mentors are not there to hold your hand. They're there instead to show you the way and guide you in the right direction by asking you the hard questions.

How experienced are the Peer Mentors?
It's crucial to know that Peer Mentors don't have decades of experience. However, they've been in your shoes. They've been through the same struggle of trying to figure out what the next steps are. Peer Mentors aren't there to tell you what to do. They're there to help give you a fresh perspective that could help you look at your project in a very different light. 

Hey, I'm Will.

I'm a fourth year International Economics major with a background in user experience design, product management, and launching startups.

I love building things and designing cool products, like a bot that helps teams plan lunches, a card game that teaches kids the basic logic of programming, or a social enterprise that helps high school students launch new apps. I've also had the chance to work on some larger products as a UX Designer at Microsoft and a Business Analyst at Tumblr.

So grab a whiteboard, and let's chat about launching your startup.

How do I setup an appointment with a Peer Mentor?
You can setup an appointment by clicking 'Get Started' below. 

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