eHub Early Stage Incubator

Test. Fail. Learn. Repeat

eHub Early Stage Incubator

What is the Early Stage Incubator? And why apply?
The low barrier incubator is for anyone at UBC to see if their idea is worth pursuing. We want to provide the basic education and fundamentals of the entrepreneurial process so that you can put any idea in and see if there's value in it. It is also important to note that this process, at its core, is something that can apply to any idea you may have, in any industry. If you have an idea that you think is worth testing, we want to give you the space and resources to do so. If you have already started to work on your project/venture this is a good place to hit pause and evaluate the work you've done so far and perhaps have a new perspective on your idea.

The in person sessions provide you with the key lessons in: 
-Customer Discovery
-Market Sizing
-Story Telling

The program will also give you the added expertise of entrepreneurship@UBC facilitators and eHub Peer Mentors that will help you apply these concepts.

What does the commitment look like?
The incubator program would be the most beneficial for you if you were ready to get to work. It is a requirement that at least one of your teammates/co-founders are present at the sessions. There will be some time in between each session where we expect you to go out into the real world and talk to people, do research, and dive deeper into your idea. Innovation doesn't happen only in the classroom, and we hope to see this in your commitment.

Early Stage Incubator Dates: 

First Session-October 4th, 5pm
Second Session-October 18th, 5pm
Third Session-November 1st, 5pm

*Post-Program Option*-Pitch @ RBC Get Seeded

What are the pre-requisites to apply?

  • You need an idea to start with
  • Availability to attend all sessions (Mandatory)
  • You have the passion to learn and most importantly, get shit done!
  • Deadline to apply: October 3rd, 12:00pm
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