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We're scaling down our services this summer to redesign and add new programs to better support you!

Get Your Foot
in the Door

Have an idea and want to test it out? Just want to understand what entrepreneurship is like and be a part of an entrepreneurial community?

Tools for Inspire include:

Startup Weekend UBC

Learn how to build your startup in 54 hours.

RBC Get Seeded

Meet 100 other like-minded entrepreneurial industry professionals, mentors, students like yourself!

Events Calendar

Stay in the loop with all the entrepreneurial events happening on campus

Class is
in Session

Caught up with a lot of courses and have limited time? Want some feedback from someone with experience in the field?

Tools for Educate include:

Flexible Learning Program 

Learn the fundamentals of building a startup at your own pace

Peer Mentors

Get new insights from students who've been there done that

Make it Your Own

Convinced that you have a transformative business idea? Dive in and test whether your idea has a market in 5-weeks at the a.LLP.

Need some funds to help you get started? Check out RBC Get Seeded

Tools for Create include:

eHub Early Stage Incubator

Test your venture idea in this 5 week startup workshop

RBC Get Seeded

Apply. Pitch. Get Seeded


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